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7 means dinner for a breadwinner

After the stage performance SPARE TIME WORK, buren continues their investigation into specific roles and power relations. This time, they start from 2 specific places: the farm and the shoe shop, the places where Melissa and Oshin grew up. SHOE/FARM is a work with several stops. In diverse artistic expressions such as performance, installation, video or publication, they explore a specific relationship with the audience and share the language of SHOE/FARM.

Their first stop is "the outdoor table" in the Lustwarande, where buren will work around dinner time at the peasant table, 'cause 7 means dinner for a breadwinner!

Like workhorses, they tackle customs, habits and specific sayings associated with farm life, leaving them with dirt under their nails. As the sun turns, ideas of class consciousness and class differences are milked and poured out again. From pat-sack postures they chant the meals of the week, supply and demand is on the table, bread is on the shelf!

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