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concrete, marble


video 2’43”, video 1’30”, 2014


‘concrete’ and ‘marble’ are two advertisement videos, advertising the material their title beholds: concrete, and marble. The videos can be seen as a little ironic or a bit sour. It’s not clear if the promotor in the video is enjoying the job. In moments there is a fetisjistic way of dealing with the good, both painful and enjoyable.

'Two videos by the duo buren (Oshin Albrecht & Melissa Mabesoone), Concrete and Marble (both 2014), dramatize moments of fetishistic encounter with architecture, its materials and disciplinarian reflexes. A faint promiscuity pervades them, a desire to wrest something from the obdurate stillness of material or from the bland serviceability of a building—a modicum of intimacy from concrete's malleability, an interlocking of architectural corners and bodily convexity. A feminine Pygmalion-like figure, camouflaged in pyjamas decorated with a rocky pattern, slides down a monumental staircase in a choreographic ode to and against the neutrality of architecture.'   Mihnea Mircan


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