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8.01 - 15.02 Rosa rosa rosae rosae at the Pool

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January 07, 2019

To mark the inauguration of The Pool space, in the SB34 artist-run space, Pauline Hatzigeorgiou curated an exhibition with the beautiful title Rosa rosa rosae rosae. We are amongst a very nice group of artists and would love to celebrate the new year with you on the opening this Thursday 10.01 at the Pool, 34 Rue-Saint Bernard, Brussels. Bienvenue!

The project Rosa rosa rosae rosae brings together the works and interventions of artists in an exhibition punctuated by performative moments - films, readings, listening sessions - on a theme that is contingent on the collective itself: there will be questions of language and translation, orality and circulation, transmission and repetition, writing and selection. By focusing on the learning processes and references at the origin of their composition, the works formulate new stories, questioning our destinations.

Pauline invited us to show Sister Fishbird Birdfish (2015). The videowork consists of two videos with the same name. They deal with the idea of oral tradition. In this transfer we see two blue figures carrying out mutual rituals. The complex story lines show a different perspective on the same story or idea. It’s a journey through the Milky Way, the truth - or not -, manuscripts, Per-Medjed also known as Oxyrhynchus (the town of the sharp snouted fish), myths and history, an ocean and a desert, back and forth, and many other places.

exhibition with: Marc Buchy, buren, Audrey Cottin, Maíra Dietrich; Eva Giolo, Alicia Jeannin, Yoann Van Parys & Eleanor Ivory Weber
interventions by:  Marc Buchy, Sofia Caesar, Audrey Cottin, Eva Giolo, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Sabir, Charlie Usher & Eleanor Ivory Weber
curated by Pauline Hatzigeorgiou


the last project in the Croxhapox exhibition space

November 30, 2016

Together with Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank we are interpreting the text of the play THE GENTLEMEN'S GENTLEMEN written by Noe Kidder (NY) & Brian Getnick (LA) played by a.o. F&R at Croxhapox in 2008.

1 december - 18 december 2016

"Why must we conjure up the reality of Time?" 

As a last act in the croxhapox exhibition space, F&R and buren were asked by Laura Van to revisit a past croxhapox event.
The Actress, Actor, Chandelier and Potted Palm re-appear as metafictional characters, their lines as spacial interventions, the stage as a place in between, ... 

The theaterplay becomes an installation.

Opening night on Thursday 1 december 18:00

*THE GENTLEMEN'S GENTLEMEN had its first and up to this date only public date in croxhapox in 2008. The text has been published as crox-book °9. Marianna Vogt, a German performer currently living in UK, and Frank & Robbert, had the chief parts during the 2008 performance, which took a month.

SURPRISE at Netwerk Aalst

curated by Paul Lagring

September 23, 2016

From 24/09 till 18/12

Opening event SAT 24.09 14:00 > 18:00
With an interaction by Rik Moens: Hyporhythm of primal consent No. 1.

Impossible things don’t know they are impossible. – W. Disney

Surprise is an exhibition in which the power of imagination is central. In astonishing ways, the Netwerk building is transformed into an adventurous art circuit with much to see and do. 
Thanks to its theme, Surprise is particularly attractive for young visitors of Netwerk, although the exhibition caters just as much to an adult audience. So one may expect much more than a typical group exhibition. Experience an adventure both physical and psychological.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. – A. Einstein

The Black Box of Netwerk: The Netwerk Archive forms the basis.

There is new or existing work by Lida Abdul, Roel Backaert, Vincen Beeckman, buren, Jana Cordenier, Marc Ghijsels, Binelde Hyrcan, Lola Lasurt, Ivo Provoost & Simona Denicolai, Grethell Rasúa, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Floris Vanhoof and interactions by Rik Moens.

On the occasion of Surprise a small publication will be offered that, as with the exhibition, focuses on both young and old: a colouring book with a text written by Francis Smets and drawings by Nel Aerts, Jo Caimo, Nikolaas Demoen, HAP, Gerard Herman, Jean Bernard Koeman, Ingrid Mostrey, Christian Nyampeta, Guy Rombouts, Yves Vanpevenaege and Dirk Zoete.

Surprise is of particular importance for Netwerk: the opening is also the last work day of the current and long-standing artistic director, Paul Lagring.

Netwerk/center for contemporary art




an informative golf course

September 16, 2016

Together with Circa Cultuurdienst Gent we thought about a nice stand to represent the playfulness, openness and possibilities of the department of culture in Gent.

We created a small golf course where people could discover the different aspects of Cultuurdienst Circa.

Onbekwaam en Onbevoegd / Unfit and Unauthorized

een fietstochtje door de haven / a bike trip through the harbour

July 29, 2016

Saturday 30th of July, departure time 20.00, Antwerp. 

Fee: 7.50

The departure location will be announced via e-mail in the morning of the 30th of July.

Register at or via to receive the departure location. 

Antwerp's Sorry and Amsterdam's Volle Band join forces for an expedition through the raw, industrial environment of the Antwerp harbour. Armed with megaphones, radios and a neodadaistic mindset we take over this area and transform her to the temporary cradle of the artistic guerilla game. Expect: gigantic harbour buildings trembling due to the noise, chaosyoga at the highway and amidst all this industrial violence there is a tiny church 'that came out of the sand'.... The whole expedition will be in a continuous connection with the live radio show Not the Intention which will be broadcasted at Radio Centraal from 20.00 to midnight. 

There's just one thing you need to come along: a bicycle. 


with: TOUR, a physical and imaginative tour

Publiek Ensemble
with: Lurkende Wezens, raw streetnoise with pathos

D. Wouters & J. v/d Heijden
met: Le chef des magasins a grains, a corn theatre play

S. Dingens & K. de Jonge
with: Not the Intention, a live radio show from Radio Centraal

Liesje de Laet
with: Multiple, a multiplicity of the same, yet iterating objects

DJ Nikkiepikkiepoelala

Residency at Netwerk Aalst

During summer we are artist in residence at Netwerk Aalst in Belgium to work on PARADE/PROMENADE.

In PARADE/PROMENADE we research the correlation between the art space and a golf course, golf resort. A golf resort where golf terms are language games, time is being consumed, inhabitants have conversations in t-shirt quotes, ...

We are intrigued by the way space and land is used in function of golf, the lifestyle that comes with it and the hierarchical structure of the tee boxes within the golf course.

Besides a division of space, golf terms also show social structures.

100 jaar Dada

June 23, 2016

Dear all,

If you are in Amsterdam this Friday, there's a party at Perdu in honour of 100 years Dada.

Guests include Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, poet Peter Holvoet Hanssen, philosopher Naomie Van Steenbergen and us.
We won't be there physically (we'll be drinking a dozen cocktails - please with the Baroness)
but we will be there virtually with some videos and a toast.
It will be a delicious evening for sure!

Kloveniersburgwal 86, 1012 CZ Amsterdam

HISK Open Studios 2016

May 26, 2016

Dear all,

it's been a while since our last house tour. Previous time we showed you where we lived it was in our Bijlmer apartment and the sun was shining. Now we share a house with friendly others, we have a very large backyard and museums as neighbours.  This Friday at 14h we open our door at HISK, 'till Monday 20h.

We are on the 2nd floor, welcome welcome! Please do come in!


buren / Oshin Albrecht & Melissa Mabesoone (BE/NL), Lydia Debeer (BE), Ella de Burca (IR), Kasper De Vos (BE), Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk (NL), Aslan Gaisumov (CE), Indrikis Gelzis (LV), Elias Ghekiere (BE), Minja Gu (KR), Alejandra Hernández (CO), Lien Hüwels (BE), Pepa Ivanova (BG), Ola Lanko (UA), Almudena Lobera (ES), Rebekka Löffler (DE), Ariane Loze (BE), William Ludwig Lutgens (BE), Oleg Matrokhin (RU), Pedro Moraes (BR), Cadine Navarro (FR/US), Jonathan Paepens (BE), Joke Raes (BE), Jura Shust (BY), Diana Tamane (LV), Anne Van Boxelaere (BE), Wieske Wester (NL)

Vrijdag / Friday 27 05 2016 — 14:00 > 20:00
Zaterdag / Saturday 28 05 2016 — 14:00 > 20:00
Zondag / Sunday 29 05 2016 — 14:00 > 20:00
Maandag / Monday 30 05 2016 — 14:00 > 20:00

Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten
Higher Institute for Fine Arts
Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a
B-9000 Gent
Phone +32 9 269 67 60


Acting Sideways

A conversation about Lauren Berlant, Casco, Utrecht (NL)

May 06, 2016

In Cruel Optimism (2011), Lauren Berlant coined the term “lateral agency”: a way of acting that interrupts the reproduction of everyday life in times of crisis and which “can produce an experience of self-abeyance, of floating sideways” adding up to “usually a sense of well-being that spreads out for a moment, not a projection towards a future.”

Introduced by nY magazine ( editors and organizers Hans Demeyer and Frank Keizer, presentations consider how lateral agency can refine or enrich our conceptions of politics, labor, writing, care and sexuality with talks by literary theorist and University of Leiden professor Frans-Willem Korsten, poet Peter van Lier, and a performance by artist collective buren (Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone). This program is hosted by Casco.

More information here:

2:30 pm
at Casco
Lange Nieuwstraat 7, 3512 PA Utrecht

To Care as Caress

a Salon created by Peter Aers and buren - Vrijstaat O, Ostend

April 16, 2016

On Saturday and Sunday April 16th to 17th, Peter Aers creates a temporary ‘shelter’ on the beach of Ostend, under the name ‘TO CARE AS CARESS’. It’s conceived as an environment in which to think, talk, listen, meet and relax. You are invited to attend performances; take part in lessons on the central themes of consolation and resistance; join a Tai Chi session on the beach; or come to the party. Children will have the opportunity to take part in an interactive philosophical performance.
Contributions to the program include Dora García, Lotte van den Berg, Rebekka De Wit, Barbara Raes, Klein Verhaal, Friends are Magic and Yves Petry.


The events will draw to a close on Sunday April 17th with a ‘salon’. This salon is created by Peter Aers and us, buren. 

Reserve your place via the website and enjoy a weekend at the sea side.

Soulmate festival curated by Hans Beckers

at Vrijstaat 0, Ostend

April 06, 2016

Hans Beckers is searching for a balance between image and music. 

He’s known for his sound installations and musical performances in which he uses ready made objects and natural materials to make sound.

During Kinder Cultuur Festival SPRINGTIJ! Vrijstaat O. will be turned into Klankkaffee. 

Children and their parents will be able to experiment with the Sonare Machine, an installation of self-made instruments.


Thursday April 7th , we are invited to present several scenes from PARADE/PROMENADE at Vrijstaat O, 
in which we search for objects within the human and the other way around.

April 8th Frank&Robbert/Robbert&Frank present their suitcases in and around Vrijstaat O. 

It all starts at 2 pm and… it’s all for free.


But there is even more programmed! 

Find it out at

PARADE/PROMENADE - FLAM VI at Arti in Amsterdam

March 24, 2016

In the past five years FLAM became a cult underground festival of performance art created by artists of different disciplines. 

Artistic directors Akras Rose and Dirk-Jan Jager worked hard in these five years to bring a contemporary and exciting programming, offering a platform for local talent and international artists. 

Their mission is to give performance art it's own festival and present it to a broad public. 
Between 22nd and March 26th, 2016 FLAM presents its new edition. 

Based at the exhibition spaces of Art et Amicitiae in Amsterdam Center FLAM VI makes a link to a second location: Dansmakers Amsterdam, in the former Stork site in Amsterdam North.

FLAM VI is made possible with support from Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Mondriaan Fonds.


March 25th we bring a new episode of PARADE/PROMENADE, a project we’re developing over the course of at least one year. 

For this piece we are inspired by Modest Mussorgski's piano suite 'Pictures at an exhibition'. In PARADE/PROMENADE we will show and shift the different perspectives and viewpoints from different paintings in an exhibition. The parade through the exhibition is as important as the tableaux.


With: Oshin Albrecht, Melissa Mabesoone, Peter Aers, Geert Belpaeme


More information via:

Skillfully Released Editions

Huis Happaert

March 16, 2016

At Huis Happaert in Antwerp you can still visit the exhibition ‘Skilfully Stuffed Museum’.
March 17th we present 'Skillfully Released Editions', an event where you, at a max. of €150, can buy editions of Sarah Smolders, Margot Deroose and us, buren. 

Figuring out the life of a figure-skater-golfer

March 04, 2016

Dear friends, practicing to become a figure-skater-golfer took its toll, so unfortunately our bodies and our work can't make it to the ice tonight, we hope you all have a wonderful time, and special thanks to Laurens and Leontien, Nein&Campo, for their invitation. We hope to see you soon in different circumstances, spring is waving from a distance... heart-emoticon buren..

ON ICE - kunst op de schaatsbaan

NEIN & CAMPO nemen u mee naar de Gentse schaatsbaan Kristallijn - 5 & 6 maart

March 04, 2016

NEIN & CAMPO nemen u mee naar de Gentse schaatsbaan Kristallijn, voor een rondje kunstschaatsen, maar dan anders.
25 kunstenaars worden uitgedaagd om kunst te maken die tentoongesteld wordt op 3000 m² blinkend ijs.


Gerard Herman
Willem Boel
Eva Vermeiren
Bert Huyghe
Kasper De Vos
Mathias Prenen
Jo Kmo
Lucie Renneboog
Dries Segers
Bert Jacobs
Elke Van Kerckvoorde
Dieter Durinck
Klaas Rommelaere
Roeland Van Trigt
Ingeborg Deglein
Marlies DC
Karina Beumer
Sibran Sampers
Eno Swinnen
Wim De Pauw
Neel De Bruycker
Rowan Van As



geïnitieerd door Laurens Marien en Leontien Allemeersch



IJsbaan Kristallijn Gent

Warmoezeniersweg 20, 9000 Gent, Belgium



Skillfully Stuffed Museum

February 23, 2016


A Skillfully Stuffed Museum

A puffed last course
A monochrome 
The point where corners and a helmet meet
A lost mirror
Flexible Framework
Wooden windows
A visitor, 
in search for confirmation.

with buren, Margot Deroose, Sarah Smolders

vernissage: 24/02/2016 at 19h
finnissage: 27/04/2016 at 19h


organised by Het Huis Happaert and Lokaal 01


Happaertstraat 25



Have you rearranged the flowers?

February 19, 2016

Saturday 20th of February Cultureel Centrum Scharpoord in Knokke is hosting a festival for night ravens.

You only live once. Don't skip the night.

We are rearranging the flowers, Pieter Ampe and Hendrik Van Doorn are too white to dance, Boucherie Bacul is butching things up and for the rest of the program check the website.


Meerlaan 32,

Knokke - Heist


nY #28

January 31, 2016

nY is a magazine for literature, critique and amusement. 
Number 28, Zijdelings, is in the theme of Lauren Berlant's Cruel Optimism and we contributed visually to this issue.
You can get your copy at:


buren plays 'Have you rearranged the flowers?' at These Things Take Time

January 22, 2016

21/22/23 January 2016 in TTTT (Starts every day at 18h00)

These Things Take Time is pleased to announce the first Annual Contemporary Performance Assembly. While in the past years TTTT has placed a strong emphasis on spatial interventions and the object, we now shift our attention to the body in space. The ACPA functions as a platform for both national and international emerging performance artists to assemble and bring together different approaches to the discipline. Within the confined contours of a shared space, the Assembly encourages a more intimate encounter between public and artists. Please join us for an immersive year-opener!


Imaginary Game Soundtrack Album_Tour

How would an imaginary game soundtrack sound?
Artists give their musical answer to the question: How would an imaginary game soundtrack sound? During the international tour the album is presented through live performances, a semi-informative presentation, video and interactive installations.

Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert (BE) en Koenraad Vandersyppe (BE) - COW SONG (4:53)
The After Lucy Experiment - GAME OVER (2:38)
Sara van Woerden (NL) - ODE (2:46)
Marguerite van Sandick (NL) - EEN SPEL MET POTENTIEEL (1:57)
Reinaart Vanhoe (BE) - HOOOG ZINGEN (1:57)
Lieven Segers (BE) - EFFE WACHTEN (1:57)
Sarah&Charles (BE) - GRUNTING MELODY (2:31)
Geo Wyeth (US) - SPARKWHINNY the game (3:21)
DJ Dwarslaesie Johan (aka Frank Koolen) featuring UMGEBUNG (Isis Bakker & Roy Vastenburg) - TURBO GOAT (3:34)
+ support act (Bert Scholten, NL)

FRIDAY 22_01: DAY 2
19:00: Mischa Doorenweerd (NL)
20:00: CMMC (BE)
21:00: Siet Rae (BE)

19:00: Elisabeth Van Dam (BE)
20:00: buren (BE)
Nederkouter 36 - 9000 Gent

the isle of Hisk

January 07, 2016

Setting foot ashore on the isle of HISK, Zip-A-Dee-Daa! The Ray Conniff Singers sing 'They Say It's Wonderful'. 

Looking forward to the coming 2 years!


a buren lecture

Academie Oudenaarde

December 13, 2015

We were kindly invited to do a lecture at the art academy in Oudenaarde. So we did...


at 19h



Radio Voicing

buren to be heard on TUMULT radio!

November 24, 2015


A DEAF MAN'S VILLA - Croxhapox - curated by Lore Smolders

November 27, 2015

How are you doing?
I’m doing fine
What are you doing?
Just hanging around...

Buren shows a trailer of the work PARADE/PROMENADE which consists of different episodes and will be developed further in 2016. It is inspired by Mussorgski’s dance ‘Pictures of an Exhibition’ from 1874 in which different paintings are imagined. The walk takes place from canvas to canvas and is inherent part of the performance. Also in PARADE/PROMENADE - trailer, is every movement, walk, move,... part of the whole. The tableau’s made by Buren, show a future image thought from another time and space. A science fiction about the feasilbility of the human, songs about an unvisible place, just like an unkwown tribe. The setting is an absolute universe, out of the imagination.


During the opening there's a book presentation of Sébastien Conard

Lama China at 19h.
We are performing PARADE/PROMENADE - trailer at 20h.


Exbibition open till Sunday 20.12

Bert Jacobs
Hedwig Houben (NL)
Joris De Rycke
Maria Kley (NL)
Neel De Bruycker
Takahiro Kudo (JP)



Lucas Munichstraat, Gent

buren by buren

The way we look at the other space by DING magazine at Z33

November 20, 2015

We play buren by buren at Z33 during the opening of the exhibition 'The way we look at the other space'.

The exhibition shows work from Jorden Boulet, Buren, Eva Gheysen, Han Decorte, Rodrigue Mouchez and Philip Cornett, curated by D!NG, with assistance of Christina Seyfried.


The way we look at the other space

from 21/11 till 13/12/2015



Zuivelmarkt 33






UUR KULtUUR library night - KU Leuven curated by Christina Seyfried

November 17, 2015

During a Night at the Library (Bibnacht) in the Universiteitsbibliotheek we are rearranging flowers and towers, twice in the same evening!

A night filled with literature, performance and music with a.o. Saskia De Coster and Inne Eysermans (Amatorski), Roderik Six, Ephameron and CHVE (Amenra), St. Grandson, …


LUCA Biënnale (On)Voltooid Verleden Tijd and the Arnon Grunberg-expo are to be discovered.
Have a look at the website underneath for the full program:

Have you rearranged the flowers? at 19.45h and 22.00h
Grote Leeszaal
Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein 21, Leuven

Text by Mihnea Mircan mentioning buren

Art Agenda on Listen to the stones, Think like a mountain (curated by Evelien Bracke)

November 09, 2015

A nice piece about the exhibition 'Listen to the Stones, Think like a Mountain' at Galerie Tatjana Pieters that has just finished last weekend in Art Agenda by Mihnea Mircan. This is what he wrote about our work:


'Two videos by the duo buren (Oshin Albrecht & Melissa Mabesoone), Concrete and Marble (both 2014), dramatize moments of fetishistic encounter with architecture, its materials and disciplinarian reflexes. A faint promiscuity pervades them, a desire to wrest something from the obdurate stillness of material or from the bland serviceability of a building—a modicum of intimacy from concrete's malleability, an interlocking of architectural corners and bodily convexity. A feminine Pygmalion-like figure, camouflaged in pyjamas decorated with a rocky pattern, slides down a monumental staircase in a choreographic ode to and against the neutrality of architecture.'


read the whole review here:




Galerie Tatjana Pieters - curated by Evelien Bracke

August 22, 2015

buren (Oshin Albrecht & Melissa Mabesoone), Céline Butaye, Eleanor Duffin, Anneke Eussen, Anne Holtrop, Carlos Irijalba, Rachel de Joode, Nicolás Lamas, Cathérine Lommée, Pieter Paul Pothoven


This exhibition could be framed as a collection of artworks in polyphonic response to the spirit of Roger Caillois (1913-1978), French philosopher, sociologist and passionate stone collector. The collection seeks to introduce a heightened sensitivity towards other, non-human states of material. Caillois’ perspective expands the positions at stake for earthly knowledge today, immersed within the Anthropocene (the age of man). It tempts us to listen again to the stones and to think like a mountain.


Opening: 23 August / 3-6 pm

Exhibition: Until 31 October / Wed-Sun 2-6 pm

Adress: Nieuwevaart 124 / 001, B-9000 Gent

Wear only monochromes and merge with your surrounding

Paviljoen - organised by buren in the context of Temple of Maybe

June 06, 2015

You are kindly invited to the buren pick-nick at Het Paviljoen.
Bring a food and/or drink in the colour you are wearing and join us in a colourful and tasty gathering!

This event is taking place in the context of Temple of Maybe, a group exhibition that's still running at Het Paviljoen 'till 18th of June. Other participating artists are: Geert Koekoeckx, Warre Mulders, Katleen Vinck, Tom Poelmans, Samuel Vanderveken & Dominiek Colpaert.

Sunday 7th of June
Het Paviljoen

Louis Pasteurlaan 2, 9000 Gent

A Cozy Mystery With Bite

Greylight projects - curated by Niels Poiz and Astrid Mingels

June 03, 2015

Present time consists of a plurality of realities that each bear their own truth in them. Besides the characters and scenery that are created for us by various media (television programs, films, computer games, etc.), we now create our own character using for example social media. The actors and the images of our acquaintances, family and friends blend together into characters in a scene without borders. The personalities of these (fictional) characters are worked out in detail; their postures and gestures, their customs, habits and history. Like a choreography that sets an example for our own play. The designed persona is the context in which we live and where we ourselves can take the place of the designer. With our material possessions, intangible fantasies and digital spirit we consume and create stories in which fiction and reality are not static concepts anymore.


The selected group of international artists in A Cozy Mystery With Bite examine these topics in various media. Portraits of others, selfies, fictional characters and real people in fictional stories appear on stage. Still lifes of fictional places derived from reality make up the scenography for real people; like a template that only needs to be personalized.

artists: Alejandra Hernandez, Chloë Delanghe, Christina Stuhlberger, David Peschka, Boris de Beijer, Daan Gielis, Mojdeh Abkar Isfahani, Chaim van Luit, Christine Bax, Joep Vossebeld, BUREN, Rémi Rupprecht, Niels Poiz en Astrid Mingels.


curated by Niels Poiz and Astrid Mingels

opening: Thursday 04.06.2015 / 18:00

date: 05.06 – 27.07

open: Thursday, Friday & Saturday / 14:00-18:00

location: Greylight Projects Brussel

Performances will take place on the opening night (04.06)


19.30 BUREN.

20.30 Rémi Rupprecht. (Ongoing performance until 22.00)

20.45 Joep Vossebeld.

22.00 David Peschka.

]Un[folding Immunity

Centrale Bibliotheek Leuven - curated by Christina Seyfried

May 26, 2015

The exhibition ‘]Un[folding Immunity’ emerged from a collaboration with the KULeuven International Conference ‘Immunity and Modernity – Picturing Threat and Protection’. The exhibition aims to support the interactivity between art and science. The purpose of the presented artworks is to offer various perspectives on the theories that are at the center of the exhibition and the conference: to which extend does modernity influence our community? How do we adapt to the permanent changes and restructuring of our contemporary society? Artworks and performances try to build bridges between participants of the conference and the general public, playing around tensions between immunity and community, isolation and togetherness, inside and outside, …


Participating artists: Cindy Bakker | Buren (Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone) | Han Decorte | Carlien De Koninck | Jolien Dirix | Eva Gheysen | Katharina Knaus | Verena Ledig | Emanuel Mensah Agyapong | Nicolina Sa | Se_Ren_Dip Trio ( Dries Verheyen, Thomas Van Walle, Toon Van den Brempt)


Curator: Christina Seyfried 

We welcome you to the vernissage 27th May at 20.30 with performances of the Se_Ren_Dip Trio and BUREN.

Temple of Maybe

Het Paviljoen - curated by Sam Sterckx

April 22, 2015

For the fifth exhibition of this season, Samuel Vanderveken - at the invitation of Het Paviljoen - founded Erewhon, an eight-headed group of artists. For Vanderveken, Erewhon symbolizes a place yet to be discovered; a new idea or insight into the ever-changing here and now. Temple of Maybe unites the individual views of this group of artists, who build unique universes within their individual practice, arising from specific perspectives on our present reality.

For this project, Erewhon unites artists, buren (Oshin Albrecht en Melissa Mabesoone) , Dominiek Colpaert, Geert Koekoeckx, Warre Mulder, Tom Poelemans, Samuel Vanderveken, and Katleen Vinck.

Vernissage: 23.04.2015, 19:00
Finissage: 18.06.2015, 19:00
Visits from Monday untill Thursday
between 08u00 - 11u30 and 13u00 - 18u00


Het Paviljoen

Louis Pasteurlaan, 9000 Gent

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