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PARADE/PROMENADE consists of different tableaux vivants. These scenes are presented in different episodes. PARADE/PROMENADE is inspired by Mussorgski’s dance ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ from 1874 in which different paintings are imagined.


The tableaux made by buren, show a future image thought from another time and space. A science fiction about the feasilbility of the human, songs about an invisible place, an unknown tribe. The setting is an absolute universe, out of the imagination. Another influence is Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes in 1916-1917.


The first episode ‘PARADE/PROMENADE - trailer’  was in November and December 2015 at Croxhapox Ghent. Duration: 20 minutes

With Peter Aers, Eva Binon, Geert Belpaeme, Ferre Marnef, Jason Dousselaere, Natasja Mabesoone, Marlies De Clerck, Benjamin Cools, Stine Sampers, Elke Demey, Luth Lea Roose, Leontien Allemeersch, Anouk Vercouteren, Jeroen Vandesande


A second episode took place in March 2016 at Flam VI, a performance festival in Amsterdam, located at Arti et Amicitiae, performed by buren (Melissa Mabesoone & Oshin Albrecht), Peter Aers and Geert Belpaeme.

Third episode took place April 2016 at Vrijstaat O. in Ostend (B). Performed by buren (Oshin Albrecht & Melissa Mabesoone).


Developed at Croxhapox, Vooruit and Bains Connective.



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