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Dearly Dialogues

Dearly Dialogues is a correspondence between Melissa Mabesoone and Oshin Albrecht. Oshin resided in Bekegem and Melissa was in New York when they decided to write each other. The writings are reflections on a stay in a specific rural and urban environment, at times descriptive, in other moments poetic or imaginative. Nevertheless, these reflections touch upon larger themes such as femininity, elections, aesthetics as a political strategy, etc... The letters were gathered in Bekegem where Oshin 'held house' for 2 weeks. The house became an open, imaginative muniment room, a slice of time standing still - a still life - meticulously composed.

This work was part of kunstenfestival Plan B at Bekegem (B) and Gouvernement in Ghent (B), September 2018.

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