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T-shirt conversations

T-shirt conversations is a performance in which we bring different dialogues based on t-shirt quotes and statements we encounter on the streets, in shops and online. The conversations pose questions on the invasiveness of these texts and the way certain slogans are embedded in our daily life experience. It’s hard not to read these voices and once you did they’re in your brain.Texts become public, opening up the possiblity of a joint conversation.

Taking them seriously, we were curious about how and why these messages are brought into the world, who this message is for and what dialogues could come forth when these statements start to interact.
We decided to use these rigid lines, spoken or thought, to challenge their often ironic, rude or blatant nature and turn them into dialogues. Exploring their political, absurd or humorous qualities.
From father-daughter conversations, friends discussing feminism, to late night phone sex, we’re digesting the slogans we saw, putting it back out there.

The set up is simple: we sit at a table with a computer, projecting the t-shirt statements as text balloons with a beamer. The performance is about 20 to 30 minutes long.

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