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Theatercollectief buren: ‘Schoenen bepalen je identiteit of geluk niet’, Michaël Bellon - Bruzz

buren is a verb - Kaaitheater interview

Brute realiteit en artificiële kunst , Pieter T'Jonck - Pzazz

Buren. Kijken, kijken, kijken, Christophe Van Gerrewey - De Witte Raaf

Geeft je computer evenveel om jou?, Filip Tielens - De Standaard

Spare Time Work is an intriguing Gesamtkunstwerk, somewhere between children’s television,

the dark absurdism of Tim Burton and philosophical criticism.

Dagklap: Je dag nuttig besteden hoe doe je dat? - Rojda Gülüzar Karakuş op Theater Aan Zee

Een absurde antropologie van ‘adulting’: Spare Time Work, Jacoba Waumans - Club Kultuur

Spare Time Work enters the uncomfortable gray zone of how we have silently identified ourselves with
certain ideas about work and leisure, without realizing that they are part of a social straightjacket.

Spelen is weten!, Pieter T’Jonck - Pzazz

I had many laughs, but was left with the nasty question whether we really want our children to grow up in a world where measuring is the only knowledge. Why shouldn’t play be as well? 'SPARE TIME WORK’ is a nice plea for the latter.

For us it’s important to show a critical reflection through playful imagination, Dlisah Lapidus - Subbacultcha

The way our work is constructed is almost the way a dream functions. The way you act in a dream seems logical, a kind of digestion of many things that are happening in your life, things that you read, or saw
online, or in movies, all get mixed, experiences, sensibilities. The differences between right and wrong,
good or bad, are way more mixed. I think the idea of a dream is a bit like the dramaturgy in our work.

Hoe vrij is vrije tijd?, Simon Knaeps - Etcetera

buren’s arsenal consists of clearly defined characters who each relate in a specific way to the prevailing im-
age of women, polyvalent props that are constantly rearranged and colorful costumes that are equally multifunctional. This in a tightly choreographed performance style that at the same time leaves enough room for playfulness, all topped with a dash of feminist social criticism.

Weg met het keurslijf, Charlotte De Somviele - De Standaard

Reality Bites 5: the buren collective celebrates clichés, Gilles Bechet - Bruzz

In buren's world, anything can happen in a Dadaist game of domination and seduction in which the two performers switch between dialogue, song, and dance. The lighting design, sets, and costumes constantly switch between absurd and unexpected situations. “It's like a dream in which you are confronted with your own desires. Reality is never far away because each person is invited to ask where reality ends and the dream begins. Those boundaries are movable.”

Alle clichés overboord, het vrouwbeeld hertekend op theater aan zee, Jan Dertaelen - De Morgen

Jong werk op TAZ#2018: buren en Khadija El Kharraz Alami, Simon Knaeps - Etcetera




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