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THE DINING ROOM: video and installation, 2014

A conversation starter.
The ritual before every game.
The main course is yet to be served.
Let’s try something unexpected for dessert.

The dining room is an installation that sucks you into another time. In a Lynchian setting which could come straight out of the Seventies, an inviting dinner table stands in the middle. A transparant green pudding in the shape of a cartoonish dog is lying on the table, waiting to be petted or eaten. A piece of floorcovering in black and white functions as a game board. Vaselike forms, a miniature fake sausage and some wooden attributes, which play the role of pawns, and a massive wooden dice are ready for use. In the room we can also see a telephone, a mirror in three parts, dry plants and yellowed carpets, identical purses, the triptich ‘car-horse-car’ and a television.  On the television we look at two women in many different outfits that are conducting household work or are part of a domestic scene. One woman is secretly smelling a very large glass, another woman is watching outside the window and tucks her underwear right. One is reading the newspaper, while the other is vacuum cleaning. The vacuuming woman disappears under the table, the other one follows.
These women seem to be caught in this room, in time, but in this imprisonment they feel free to explore the endless plains of their imagination.


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