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The room in the middle is a garden: solo exhibition, 2014


In August 2014 we had our first solo-exhibition ‘The room in the middle is a garden’ in Galerie Am Polylog in Wörgl, Austria. The space that used to function as a shop had a display window which we used as such, with several local objects, found material and prints. The gallery space was divided in 3. In the first part our props for the performance ‘Have you rearranged the flowers?’ were installed. After the performance we rearranged them. In the space next to it two tables were installed, one white lacquer, the other covered in marble foil. They remind you of more typical exhibition tables or pedestals, here the association of a bistro or dining place comes into play, shifting the function and meaning of the objects and of the exhibition space. On the marble table lies a buren-magazine, something between a lifestyle magazine and an artist publication.  A framed print on the wall refers to etiquette rules. On an other wall you see a life size black and white print of buren, depicting a house/garden scene in front of a pink middle class coastal house in Knokke, Belgium. The third space was a black box in which you could be emersed by our two advertisement video’s' ‘marble' and 'concrete'.

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