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To Care as Caress

On Saturday and Sunday April 16th to 17th 2016, Peter Aers created a temporary ‘shelter’ on the beach of Ostend, under the name ‘TO CARE AS CARESS’.

It’s conceived as an environment in which to think, talk, listen, meet and relax.

You were invited to attend performances; take part in lessons on the central themes of consolation and resistance; join a Tai Chi session on the beach; or come to the party. Children had the opportunity to take part in an interactive philosophical performance.

Contributions to the program include Dora García, Lotte van den Berg, Rebekka De Wit, Barbara Raes, Klein Verhaal, Friends are Magic and Yves Petry.


The events drew to a close on Sunday April 17th with a ‘salon’. This salon was created by Peter Aers and us, buren. 


Hosted by Vrijstaat O. (now KAAP) Ostend

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